Rev. Karen is non-denominational and serves Maryland and South-Central Pennsylvania. She will meet with the couple in person or, if necessary, over the phone to discuss every aspect of the ceremony. Rev. Karen will happily direct any wedding rehearsal or work together with a wedding planner at the venue. She will arrive early on the big day and check in with both the bride and groom, smooth out any crisis, pin on a boutonnière or any other little job that needs to be done. She will be the calming presence for the couple during the ceremony, guiding them gently, taking all the time that is needed so the couple can express their love and commitment to each other.

Rev. Karen is an ordained Minister through the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. of the State of New York. Order of Melchizedek. The Order of Melchizedek is a priesthood of individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges into the Age of Aquarius. We do not discriminate. Many of the world’s religions are represented. We are not a religion but a service order.
Your wedding ceremony or vow renewal should reflect how you feel in your heart and soul. Rev. Karen Milewski will give you several different options for every part of your ceremony. You can choose traditional wording or highlight your beliefs by choosing pagan, Celtic or Native American elements. Couples can add rituals such as lighting a unity candle, presenting roses to special members of the family, performing a sand ceremony to symbolize the blending of families, jumping the broom or anything else they wish to make their wedding special.
My Beloved Ceremony
Rev. Karen L. Milewski